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Desegregation of neuronal predictive processing

Wang B, Audette NJ, Schneider DM, Aljadeff J

Under Review

Movement-related modulation in mouse auditory cortex is widespread yet locally diverse

Morandell K, Yin A, Del Rio R, Schneider DM

Journal of Neuroscience, 2024

Fish who act on impulse must learn the consequences

Zhou W, Schneider DM

Neuron, 2023

Unsupervised discovery of family specific vocal usage in the Mongolian gerbil

Peterson RE, Choudhri A, Mletlut C, Tanelus A, Capo-Battaglia A, Williams AH, Schneider DM, Sanes DH

eLife, 2023

Stimulus-specific prediction error neurons in mouse auditory cortex

Audette NA, Schneider DM

Journal of Neuroscience, 2023

Precise movement-related predictions in mouse auditory cortex

Audette NA, Zhou W, La Chioma A, Schneider DM

Current Biology, 2022

Reflections of action in sensory cortex

Schneider DM

Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 2020

A cortical filter learns to suppress the acoustic consequences of movement

Schneider DM*, Sundararajan J*, Mooney R (*equal contribution)

Nature, 2018

How movement modulates hearing

Mooney R, Schneider DM

Annual Reviews of Neuroscience, 2018

Motor-related signals in the auditory system for listening and learning

Schneider DM, Mooney R

Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 2015

A synaptic and circuit basis for corollary discharge in the auditory cortex

Schneider DM*, Nelson A*, Mooney R (*equal contribution)

Nature, 2014

A circuit for motor cortical modulation of auditory cortical activity

Nelson A*, Schneider DM*, Takatoh J, Katsuyatsu S, Wang F, Mooney R (*equal contribution)

Journal of Neuroscience, 2013

Functional circuits and anatomical distribution of response properties in the primate amygdala

Zhang W*, Schneider DM*, Belova MA, Morrison, SE, Paton JJ, Salzman CD (*equal contribution)

Journal of Neuroscience, 2013

Automated auditory recognition training and testing

Gess A, Schneider DM, Vyas A, Woolley SMN

Animal Behavior, 2011

Incorporating naturalistic correlation structure improves spectrogram reconstruction from neuronal activity in the songbird auditory midbrain

Ramirez AD, Ahmadian Y, Schumacher J, Schneider DM, Woolley SMN, Paninski L

Journal of Neuroscience, 2011

Automating the design of informative sequences of sensory stimuli

Lewi J, Schneider DM, Woolley SMN, Paninski L

Journal of Computational Neuroscience, 2011

A generalized linear model for estimating spectrotemporal receptive fields from responses to natural sounds

Calabrese A, Schumacher J, Schneider DM, Paninski L, Woolley SMN

PLoS One, 2011

Task-specific computations in attentional maps

Gottlieb J, Balan PF, Oristaglio J, Schneider DM

Vision Research, 2009

Neuronal correlates of set-size effect in monkey lateral intraparietal area

Balan PF, Oristaglio J, Schneider DM, Gottlieb J

PLoS Biology, 2008

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